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International Journal of Zoology Studies
International Journal of Zoology Studies
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Age, growth and mortality of black goby Gobius Niger Linneaus, 1758 (Family: Gobiidae) from the south-eastern Black Sea
Pages: 01-07  
A new species Stilesia deshmukhi (Eucestoda: Thysanomidae) fuhrmann, 1907 from Pune district M.S. India
Pages: 08-11  
An overview study of birds in south Sikkim (India)
Pages: 12-17  
Insects pest (Maize Stem Borer) management: A review article
Pages: 18-22  
Population dynamics study of Stilesia a cestode parasite from Pune district
Pages: 23-25  
Biochemical studies of aliezia tapeworm in goat Capra hircus
Pages: 26-27  
Studies on abnormal nests of baya weaver bird Ploceus philippinus in different zones of Shivamogga district, Karnataka
Pages: 28-30  
Review on Activity Patterns, Population Ecology and Conservation Status of gelada baboon (Theropithicus gelada, Ruppell 1835) in Ethiopia
Pages: 31-35  
Avifaunal diversity in and around the Wetland of Kasheli Village, Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra
Pages: 36-40  
First record of Prionopelta Punctulata mayr, 1866 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Brazilian Pantanal
Pages: 41-43