International Journal of Zoology Studies

ISSN: 2455-7269

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Effect of Neem oil on the population dynamics of Rhizopertha dominica F
Pages: 01-03  
Bio-Efficacy of some green pesticides under laboratory condition against Suidasia nesbitti Sasa (Acari. Suidasiidae) infesting milky white mushroom, Calocybe indica Purkayastha & Chandra
Pages: 04-05  
Growth performance of Clarias gariepinus fry using soybean meal, blood meal and maize bran
Pages: 06-09  
Distribution and status of butterfly (Order: Lepidoptera) fauna with some habitats in Lucknow city, India
Pages: 10-14  
Preliminary observations on the microbiome of Trachemys scripta scripta using affordable 16S technologies
Pages: 15-18  
Diversity of cockroaches from eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu
Pages: 19-22  
Dromedary camel and its adaptation mechanisms to desert environment: A review
Pages: 23-28  
Studies on cestode Genus cotugnia (Diamare, 1893) from Columba livia intermedia with description of a new species
Pages: 29-31  
A new species of tapeworm diplopylidium felisae (Diplopylidium, Beddard, 1913) from Felis Domesticus
Pages: 32-34  
Study of the development parameters of Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton) according to the type of food substrate
Pages: 35-41  
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