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International Journal of Zoology Studies
International Journal of Zoology Studies
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Histopathological studies for diagnosis of indeterminate leprosy in Uttar Pradesh, India
Pages: 01-05  
Features of the parasite fauna of fish in extreme conditions of the Samur-Absheron canal
Pages: 06-10  
Pengamatan Pesut Mahakam (Orcaella brevirostris) di sepanjang perairan sungai Mahakam (Dolphin Observation along the river of Mahakam)
Pages: 11-14  
Histological and histochemical study of liver and pancreas of sea snake, Hydrophis cyanocinctus in Minab Coast of Oman Sea
Pages: 15-19  
A preliminary checklist of birds of Chauni wetland and its vicinities, Korobari, South-East Nepal
Pages: 20-24  
Treatment of Vellalore municipal sewage water using aquatic weeds
Pages: 25-29  
Ecology and Behaviour of Rhesus Monkey (Macaca mulatta) in Biratnagar, Province No. 1 Nepal
Pages: 30-33  
Impact of prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta Zimmermann, 1780) in Chitwan-Annapurna landscape, Nepal
Pages: 34-42  
A study on occurrence of gastrointestinal parasites in Lions (Panthera leo)
Pages: 43-46  
Studies on the endocrine and metabolic correlates of polycystic ovary syndrome in district Rahim Yar Khan
Pages: 47-49  
Study on Habitat and Feeding Ecology of Asian openbill stork (Anastomus oscitans) in Pokkali wetlands of Ernakulam District, Kerala, India
Pages: 50-52  
Role of Neem cake in management of chilli mite, Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks)
Pages: 53-56  
Physico-chemical and fish diversity of Matiyari dam in Mandla district (M.P.)
Pages: 57-59  
Diversity of zooplankton of gangulpara dam district balaghat (M.P.)
Pages: 60-62  
Mugger (Crocodylus palustris) sightings in water bodies of Bundelkhand Region, India
Pages: 63-67  
Nanotechnology application in pest and pollution control (Nano pesticides, Nano fungicides, Nano gels)
Pages: 68-71