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An ecological analysis of acanthocephalan parasites of Channa punctatus of river Gomti, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Pages: 01-04  
Observation on freshwater zooplankton and hydrophytes composition in different wetlands of Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal (India)
Pages: 05-09  
New records of ascidians (Tunicata, Ascidiacea) from Mandapam coast, Gulf of Mannar, India
Pages: 10-17  
Length weight relationship and condition factor in different age groups of Labeo dero from stream in Sunderbani, Jammu
Pages: 18-22  
Significance of new taxonomic attributes on Cibarium of Neomelaniconion lineatopenne (Ludlow)
Pages: 23-24  
Inventory of Culicinae fauna of Punjab (Culicidae: Diptera)
Pages: 25-28  
Effect of genotoxic damage of pesticides on farmers
Pages: 29-32  
Phytochemical analysis and antioxidant property of Cadaba fruticosa
Pages: 33-36  
A study of lethal concentration (LC50) of zinc sulphate to Channa striatus (Bloch)
Pages: 37-40  
Birds of Dhauladhar range of western Himalayas in northern India: A checklist
Pages: 41-45  
Habitat Characterization of Western Tragopan (Tragopan melanocephalus), Great Himalayan National Park, India
Pages: 46-53  
Study on human and wildlife interactions at surroundings of protected areas
Pages: 54-58  
Influence of mulberry leaf with soyabean flour supplemention on the economic traits and aminotransferases activity in Bombyx mori L.
Pages: 59-64  
Impact of climatic changes on the diversity of ciliates: A study of the Panchakki aqueduct, Aurangabad (M.S.)
Pages: 65-67  
Studies on fish diversity of Tighra reservoir Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 68-73  
Occurrence of ciliate protozoa Epidinium bulbiferum (Dogiel 1927) and Epidinium hamatum (Schulze 1924) from the rumen of cattle (Bos indicus)
Pages: 74-77  
Scanning Electron Microscopic study of Cibarial sense organs of Verrallina (Neomacleaya) indica (Theobald)
Pages: 78-79  
Comparative study of genetic biodiversity in carp fish (Cyprinous carpio)
Pages: 80-85  
Isolation and Biochemical characterization of Endophytic Bacteria from Punica granatum
Pages: 86-88  
Re-description of genus Tenuiproboscis keralensis Kaur et al., 2017 from marine fish Scatophagus argus at fort Kochi (Kerala), India
Pages: 89-92  
Perception and attitude of local people towards human-elephant conflicts around Mahananda wildlife sanctuary, West Bengal, India
Pages: 93-95  
Acute toxicity evaluation of chlorpyrifos on earthworm Megascolex konkanensis (Fedarb, 1898) by a simple paper contact method
Pages: 96-98  
The lace bug Cochlochila bullita (Stal) (Heteroptera: Tingidae), A destructive pest of medicinal plant, Ocimum tenuiflorum L. in Jaipur, India
Pages: 99-100  
Morphological, histological and ultrastructural (sem) characterization of the egyptian tortoise’s tongue
Pages: 101-111  
Diversity & seasonal incidence of mulberry insect pests from Ahmednagar (M.S) India
Pages: 112-115  
Marine gastropods molluscan diversity from west coast of India
Pages: 116-119  
A review on the effect of herbicides on the earthworms
Pages: 120-125  
Status and distribution of Indian flying fox (Pteropus giganteus) in district Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, India
Pages: 126-128  
Histopathological alterations in the gills of Garra mullya (Sykes) exposed to sub lethal concentrations of bioneem and bifenthrin
Pages: 129-131  
Comparative study on DNA extraction methods for PCR amplification of COI gene from ascidians of Indian coast
Pages: 132-134  
Surveillance of avian mortality on the road passing through Pohra – Malkhed reserve forest district Amravati, Maharashtra
Pages: 135-139  
Phytochemical characterization and antioxidant activity of leaf extract of Tridax procumbens L.
Pages: 140-143  
Studies on time duration, life cycle stages of family (Calliphoridae) species: Calliphora vicina and Lucilia cuprina during summer season
Pages: 144-146  
Study on phytoplankton diversity and fisheries potential in Lakhapura reservoir, Bhikangaon tehsil, Khargone district Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 147-149  
Impact of basal dose of primary nutrients on the nutrient status of soil used for lac production
Pages: 150-152  
A review on contamination, bioaccumulation and toxic effect of cadmium, mercury and lead on freshwater fishes
Pages: 153-159  
Mosquito diversity from Kempty falls, near Mussoorie, Uttarakhand (India)
Pages: 160-162  
Skeletal and swim bladder deformities in rohu, Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822) from grow-out pond, Tamil Nadu, India
Pages: 163-165  
Microglia in ageing rat brain: A quantitative study
Pages: 166-170  
Studies on length-weight relationship of exotic fishes and their Gastrosomatic index from Bansagar Colony Pond, Rewa (M.P.)
Pages: 171-174  
Studies on zooplankton diversity in Powai reservoir, Mumbai
Pages: 175-178  
Stocking density, Survival rate and growth performance of Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931) in different cultured shrimp ponds from Vetapalem, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Pages: 179-183  
Study of red panda (Ailurus fulgens fulgens) in ex situ facility for conservation breeding at Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Darjeeling
Pages: 184-187  
Evaluation of dietary protein levels for the growing Aorichthys aor (Hamilton 1822)
Pages: 188-193  
Nutritional efficacy of Richmin and vanimin feed additives on amino acid metabolism in fish (C. catla, L. rohita, C. mrigala) species under field conditions
Pages: 194-198  
Influence of dietary supplementation of Sida acuta plant extract on the mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori L.
Pages: 199-202  
Meiofauna and microalgae associates on the pneumatophores of Avicennia marina from the coastal waters of South Andaman, India
Pages: 203-212  
Relevance of temperature and host plants on the life cycle of Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata (Fab.)
Pages: 213-217  
Status and distribution of state bird of Uttar Pradesh, Sarus crane (Grus antigone antigone) in Jhansi and Lalitpur, India
Pages: 218-223  
Butterfly abundance is determined by food availability of Jayantikunj, Rewa Madhya Pradesh
Pages: 224-226  
Host preference and potency of Altica cyanea as a bio-control agent of major rice field weeds, Ludwigia spp.
Pages: 227-231  
Proximate composition of different organs in crabs of Portunus sanguinolentus (Herbst)
Pages: 232-234  
Ethnomedicinal properties of propolis and its usages in historic zootherapeutic practices
Pages: 235-238  
Comparative animal physiological functions between species to discern physiological and evolutionary patterns
Pages: 239-243  
Seasonal changes in the fat contents of certain tissues of a fresh water fish Mystus seenghala in relation to feeding and ovarian cycle
Pages: 244-247  
Acute toxicity assessment of Chlorpyriphos 20 % EC to Clarias batrachus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Pages: 248-250  
Chromosomal characteristics of Aplocheilus lineatus (Cyprinodontiforms)
Pages: 251-254  
Conservation of avifaunal diversity of two freshwater ponds of Rangenahalli area, Lakkavalli, Shimoga, Karnataka
Pages: 255-260  
Food and feeding of Phallusia nigra, Savigny, 1816
Pages: 261-264  
Argiope pulchella Thorell, 1881 (Araneidae: Araneae): A potential synanthropic species
Pages: 265-267  
Study of absolute fecundity of Mystus carcio (Hamilton, 1822) of Puthimari River (Hajo) of Kamrup (R) District of Assam, India
Pages: 268-270  
First record of Limnodromus scolopaceus (Say, 1823) and Calidris ferruginea (Pontoppidan 1763) from North East India
Pages: 271-273  
Assessment of heavy metals contamination in edible fish species and its entry in the human food chain
Pages: 274-278  
Effect of Acanthus ilicifolius Linn. As feed ingredient in the growth performance of Poecilia sphenops
Pages: 279-283  
Diversity of Macro invertebrates in Kunda reservoir District Dhar M.P.
Pages: 284-286  
Effect of acute dichlorvos (Nuvan) toxicity on muscle protein concentration of fresh water prawn, Macrobrachium lamarrei lamarrei (H. Milne Edwards, 1837)
Pages: 287-288  
Effect of unilateral eye stalk ablation (ULEA) on Gonadosomatic Indices and Gonad Maturation of Freshwater Crab, Paratelphusa hydrodromous (Henderson 1893)
Pages: 289-292  
Effect of lead acetate and recovery response of DMSA on protein metabolism in liver and brain of freshwater fish, Channa striatus (BLOCH)
Pages: 293-298  
A brief survey of the migratory and resident water-birds of Mangalajodi village, Odisha
Pages: 299-303  
Histopathological alterations in earthworm (Eudrilus eugeniae) ventral nerve cord caused by Diammonium phosphate
Pages: 304-306  
Activity profile of a group of Hoolock gibbon (Hoolock hoolock) in a fragmented forest patch of Rosekandy tea garden, Barak valley, Southern Assam, India
Pages: 307-313  
Butterflies and locality predict the occurrence of larger day-flying moths in Dehing Patkai landscape, Assam
Pages: 314-321  
Zooplankton population in reference to river water pollution
Pages: 322-324  
Species diversity of zooplankton and physico-chemical parameters of Narangi Sarangi dam of Vaijapur, dist. Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Pages: 325-330  
Avian diversity in and around Deulgaon Raja city, dist. Buldana, Maharashtra, India
Pages: 331-333  
Study of haematological alterations induced by exposure to diazinon in Channa punctatus (Bloch)
Pages: 334-338  
Census of rhesus macaque, Macaca mulatta in Chitrakoot, India
Pages: 339-341  
Study of average growth performance and condition factor of fish (Indian Major Carps) in the sub pond of the Gawala Talab, Maheshwar, Khargone (M.P.)
Pages: 342-346  
Analysis of physico-chemical parameters of water and soil in relation to fish culture of Borina pond, Chargavan, Teh Rithi, Dist. Katni, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 347-351  
Acoustic & morphology based identification of microchiropteran species in Chitrakoot district, Uttar Pradesh, India
Pages: 352-357  
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