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Antifungal activity of skin mucus of three cultivable fish species (Catla-catla, cirrhinus mrigala and anguilla-anguilla)
Pages: 01-03  
Butterflies of Delhi with new additions and an annotated checklist from Delhi, India
Pages: 04-10  
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analysis of garlic (Allium)
Pages: 11-14  
Limnological study of Ghunghutta Dam of Surguja District Chhattisgarh India
Pages: 15-19  
Ecological studies on trematode infection of three species of birds at Sidhi Dist. (M.P.)
Pages: 20-23  
Contribution to the study of pentatominae (Pentatomidae: Hemiptera) bugs from Dumna Nature Park, Jabalpur, India
Pages: 24-27  
Additions to the hemiptera (Insecta: Arthropoda) fauna of Dumna Nature Park, Jabalpur, India
Pages: 28-30  
Indian gooseberry and Lycopodium 200c can effectively reduce cadmium induced testicular damage in 40 days exposed mice
Pages: 31-37  
Entomotoxicity of Chromolaena odorata, Tagetes minuta and Reichardia tingitana in suppressing oviposition and adult emergence of Callasobruchus chinensis (L) infesting stored chickpea seeds in U.P.
Pages: 38-44  
Effect of food plant on the numerical response of Campoletis chlorideae uchida (Hymenoptera: ichneumonidae), a parasitoid of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: noctuidae)
Pages: 45-49  
Redescription of type species Aedia leucomelas (Linnaeus) Noctuidae: Lepidoptera
Pages: 50-53  
Study of snake (Serpentes: Squamata) fauna of Dumna Nature Park, Jabalpur, India
Pages: 54-57  
Heavy metal lead nitrate induced toxic effects on enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant activities in selected tissues of the fish Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822) fingerlings
Pages: 58-62  
Ultrastructural observations of rumen immature and mature Paramphistomum cervi (Trematoda: Digenea) in domestic buffalo of Udaipur district, Rajasthan
Pages: 63-69  
Study of stress on caged phasianids in the national zoological park, New Delhi
Pages: 70-74  
Observations on some breeding parameters of Kashmir rock agama (Laudakia tuberculata Hardwicke & Gray, 1827) from Teetwal Kupwara (Jammu & Kashmir), India
Pages: 75-77  
Heavy metal analysis in selected water bodies of Sivakasi town, Tamil Nadu during different seasons
Pages: 78-81  
Seasonal Incidence and biology of Shoot Borer Chilo infuscatellus on Sugarcane Snellen
Pages: 82-83  
Histopathological changes in the eyes, gills and muscles of Indian major carp Catla catla (Hamilton, 1822) exposed to Cadmium nanoparticles
Pages: 84-89  
Study of possible seasonal effects on blood parameters of a local fish ‘Schizothorax niger’ in Kashmir valley
Pages: 90-92  
Spectroscopic evaluation of the chloroform extract of the medicinal plant Solanum nigrum L. (Solanaceae)
Pages: 93-95  
Distribution of zooplankton in river Narmada at Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh India
Pages: 96-100  
Molecular identification of some Indian Muscid flies (Diptera: Muscidae) based on mitochondrial gene COII
Pages: 101-105  
Study on prevalence of throat cancer and its association with various risk factors
Pages: 106-109  
Diversity and Composition of fresh water fishes of Dudhi River: A Tributary of River Narmada, Central India
Pages: 110-115  
Diseases of silk warm (Bombyx mori) and protocol for treatment
Pages: 116-118  
Newcastle disease of poultry
Pages: 119-121  
Comparative laboratory monitoring of organochlorine insecticide and synthetic pyrethroid on the fresh water fish, Rasbora daniconius (HAM.) in relation to LC50, ethological and skin melanophore responses
Pages: 122-131  
Laboratory attempt to evaluate the short term toxicity of micronutrient (ZN) to the fresh water fish, Rasbora daniconius HAM
Pages: 132-134  
Physicochemical analysis of water samples from three polluted sites of Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India
Pages: 135-137  
Assessment of eco-hydrological dynamics and its impact on ecological status of upper lake, Bhopal
Pages: 138-149  
A review on behaviour and health condition of Manipur brow-antlered deer (Rucervus eldii eldii) for sustainable management and conservation in an Ex situ environment
Pages: 150-156  
Agriculture crop damage by antelope (Boselaphus tragocamelus) and management strategies: Challenges in India
Pages: 157-160  
Biopotency of Acorus calamus, Wthania somnifera and Azadirachta indica in suppressing oviposition and adult emergence, caused by of Callasobruchus chinensis (L) infesting stored chickpea seeds in U.P.
Pages: 161-166  
Assessment of the proximate and biochemical profile of Labeo boga during pre monsoon and monsoon season
Pages: 167-171  
Utility of y-maze olfactometer to check behavioral response of Aedes albopictus mosquito: A vector of dengue and chikungunya using essential oils
Pages: 172-176  
A study on phytochemical profiling, antibacterial and anticancer of Psidium guajava L. fruit peel extracts of against MCF-7 cell line
Pages: 177-181  
Comparative quality assessment of labeo rohita muscle subjected to preservation by two different drying techniques
Pages: 182-185  
Solanum nigrum L. as potent medicine: A review
Pages: 186-188  
Tuberculosis risk in P2X7 1513A/C polymorphism of the tribes of Jhargram, West Bengal
Pages: 189-193  
Assessment of threats to blackbuck Antilope cervicapra (Linn) in sorsan grassland, Rajasthan, India
Pages: 194-198  
Screening of Solanum nigrum for its antioxidant activity against cancer
Pages: 199-200  
Sacred groves of thar desert: A case study of Kolu Pabuji Oran of western Rajasthan and its biodiversity profiling
Pages: 201-207  
Effect of different diets on the growth and biochemical aspects of fresh water crab, Himalayapotamon emphysetum, available in the local water bodies of Jammu region of J&K state
Pages: 208-212  
Emerging trends in DNA markers and their applications in Aquatic biodiversity with an emphasis on mitochondrial markers
Pages: 213-219  
Phylogenetic analysis of tasar silkworm, Antheraea mylitta using SSR and ISSR primers
Pages: 220-226  
Scaning electron microscopy (SEM) study of caudal gills of Ischnura senegalensis (Rambur) and Agriocnemis pygmaea (Rambur) of Zygopteran Larvae (Odonata: Zygoptera)
Pages: 227-232  
Study the wetland water quality using biotic indexes: A case study of Asan wetland of central Himalaya
Pages: 233-238  
Polymorphism in the southern green stink bug, Nezara viridula (L.) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) From Chandgad Tehsil
Pages: 239-241  
Epidemiological outline of animal bites in Bandar Abbas County, Iran
Pages: 242-246  
Fecundity and its relationship with different biometric parameters of Maydelliathelphusa masoniana and Himalayapotamon emphysetum inhabiting streams of Jammu (J&K), India
Pages: 247-251  
Antibacterial activity from the hemolymph of freshwater crab, Maydelliathelphusa masoniana on some of clinical pathogens
Pages: 252-254  
Sloth Bear Melursus ursinus- Human Conflict: A case study of unprotected bear habitat in Kudligi taluk, Ballari district, Karnataka
Pages: 255-260  
Physicochemical nature of son river, Sidhi (M.P.)
Pages: 261-263  
Habitat preference and forage selection by Himalayan Pika Ochotona roylei at high altitudinal zones of Chopta Tungnath, Western Himalaya
Pages: 264-268  
Assessment of anthropogenic activities on the ecology of Ban Ganga Stream, Katra with reference to abiotic and biotic components
Pages: 269-271  
Behavioural ethogram of the endangered greater Adjutant Stork Leptoptilos dubius (Gmelin)
Pages: 272-281  
Evaluation of repellency and antifeedant activities of Saraca asoca and Terminalia arjuna Bark extracts against Sitophilus oryzae
Pages: 282-285  
Ecological studies on Jassids in Rewa region
Pages: 286-289  
Histochemistry of the respiratory surface of the caudal gills of Ceriagrion coromandelianum (Fabricius), Zygopteran larvae (Odonata: Zygoptera)
Pages: 290-293  
Influence of photoperiod on number of young ones laid down (fecundity) of freshwater snail Bellamya dissimilis
Pages: 294-299