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International Journal of Zoology Studies
International Journal of Zoology Studies
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Sex ratio and population of Abgrallaspis narainus (dutta and singh) (homoptera: diapididae) in urban and rural area
Pages: 01-03  
Effect of Colchicine (mechanochemical response) on the melanophores of teleost fish: Rasbora elanga
Pages: 04-09  
Economic Threshold Level of Aphid on Mustard crop at Pundibari (A part of Coochbehar district): It’s determination by application of probability and statistics
Pages: 10-13  
Seasonal biochemical characterization of muscles, liver and ovary of M. seenghala from Vindhya region
Pages: 14-20  
A Preliminary assessment and diversity of birds in Ramagiri east and west forest, Ananthapuram District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Pages: 21-28  
Histopathological effect of Cisplatin on mantle, Digestive gland and foot tissues of freshwater bivalve, Corbicula striatella. (Deshaiesh 1900)
Pages: 29-32  
Nesting site building on Schima wallichii and rearing behavior of Hornbills: A case study
Pages: 33-35  
Effect of host’s larval age on the functional response and associated behavioral activities of the parasitoid
Pages: 36-41  
Opinion survey on rodent problems and their management in cropping system in Indo-Gangetic plain of north-eastern part of Haryana
Pages: 42-44  
Aminoacids in sheep cestode moniezia expansa (Rudolphi, 1805)
Pages: 45-47  
Seasonal changes in the protein content of Corbicula regularis from Jayakwadi dam, Paithan dist – Aurangabad, (M.S.) India
Pages: 48-50