International Journal of Zoology Studies

ISSN: 2455-7269

Vol. 5, Issue 2 (2020)

Attitude, beliefs and perception of people towards amphibian conservation around chefa wetland, Oromo zone, Amhara National Regional State

Author(s): Abeje Kassie
Abstract: The current study was aimed to document public attitude, beliefs and perceptions towards amphibians in Oromo zone, Amhara regional state, Northeast Ethiopia. A total of 150 respondents, from four different kebeles (lowest administrative villages in Ethiopia) were interviewed. The majority (81.33%) of respondents were farmers. Gender had no significant association to the knowledge of traditional belief towards amphibians. However, the education level of respondent was significantly different in the study area and influenced people’s attitudes towards amphibians (n = 150; χ2 =16.429; df = 6; p < 0.05). There were an association between occupational status and the traditional beliefs about the amphibians (n = 150; χ2 =11.305; df = 6; p < 0.05). The number of amphibians changed over time and 74 % of the respondents said that amphibians are declined due to drought, decrease rainfall, and the loss of habitat. Different superstitions are also linked with amphibians and this mindset lead to unnecessary killing of species and unwillingness to conserve amphibians. Conservation education and awareness campaigns are recommended to avoid unnecessary killing of the amphibians and negative attitudes of the people towards them in the study area.
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