International Journal of Zoology Studies

ISSN: 2455-7269

Vol. 5, Issue 2 (2020)

Entomopoison efficacy of christmas bush, alchornea cordifolia (schum. & thonn.) Root powder against the maize weevil, sitophilus zeamais motschulsky (coleoptera: curculionidae

Author(s): Koomson CK
Abstract: Root powders from Alchornea cordifolia were evaluated for their efficacy as contact insecticides on maize beetle, Sitophilus zeamais in the Integrated Science Education Department laboratory of the University of Education, Winneba, Central Region, Ghana, at a temperature of 30±2̊C and 75±5% relative humidity. The powders were applied at 0.5g, 1g, and 1.5g to assess contact toxicity, damage assessment, progeny production, repellency and seed germination ability. Results indicated that the plant material was toxic to the insect (P<0.05). The root powder of A. cordifolia applied at 1.5g greatly induced the highest mortality of 99% after 21 days, repelled almost 98% of the weevils, significantly inhibited adult emergence and seed damaged by the weevils up to about 99% respectively compared to other concentrations (P<0.05). The root powder also had no effect on germination. This study revealed that root powders of A. cordifolia can used to efficiently control S. zeamais in stored grains and its incorporation into traditional storage pest management is strongly recommended in developing countries.
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