International Journal of Zoology Studies

ISSN: 2455-7269

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2020)

Growth performance of Clarias gariepinus fry using soybean meal, blood meal and maize bran

Author(s): Nwokocha AC, Makpo JK, Sotolo SO, Patrick ON, Lemuel AS
Abstract: Fish feed is one of the major inputs in aquaculture production which accounts for at least 60% of the total cost of production and its feed technology is one of the least developed sectors of aquaculture particularly in Africa and other developing countries of the World. Therefore there is the need to bridge the gap in the demand for protein by culturing fish that grows fast to raise the level of fish production using locally available feed stuff. Hence an investigation into the growth performance of Clarias gariepinus fry was carried out at the department of Zoology, Nasarawa State University with a view of determining the most suitable compounded feed to supplement with the normal commercial feed of higher cost in the market so as to bridge the gap existing therein. Two hundred and eighty fry’s of Clarias spp were stocked, seventy per aquarium in a 45.6x32cm plastic tanks. The result obtained indicates an increase in growth parameter for the four treatments. Fry’s fed with Artemia recorded the highest value in the final mean weight (FMW), Feed conversion Ratio (FCR), protein efficiency ratio (PER) as compared with the formulated ones, but the three compounded feeds had lower values for specific growth rate (SGR), while there was no significant difference ( P > 0.05 ) in the survival rate and condition factor (CF) among the treatments. Feeds of Soybean meal, Blood meal and maize bran had the best cost benefit, as compared to Artemia.
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