International Journal of Zoology Studies

ISSN: 2455-7269

Vol. 4, Issue 5 (2019)

Diversity and Species composition of anura in telaga warna nature conservation, west java, Indonesia

Author(s): Maman Rumanta, Rony Marsyal Kunda, Krisna Iryani
Abstract: Frog and toad (Order: Anura) are very sensitive to environmental changes, because of their sensitivity, usually they can be used as indicators for environmental change. On the other hand, there is only limited data about the diversity and distribution of frog and toad in West Java. This study objectives to collected data on species diversity, species composition and distribution of frog and toad from Telaga Warna, West Java, Indonesia. This study was conducted from August to September 2018, used Visual Encounter Survey (VES) method, which combined with 100 m2 transects for sampling. Data retrieval morphology used digital camera, and refers to the West Java Amphibious Identification Picture Guid, followed by calculation of diversity index and environmental parameters (physic and biology). This study founded 13 species from six families, is Megophryidae, Microhylidae, Ranidae, Bufonidae, Dicroglossidae, and Rhacoporidae. Shannon-Wiener diversity index, is H '= 2.114. The results of species frequency analysis showed that R. chalconota was in the highest category (29%), and the Three lowest species each is B. melanostictus (1%), N. margaritifer (1%), and M. monata (1%). Rhacophorus reinwardtii is a anura have status of Near Threatened based on the IUCN Red List data. The results of this study indicated that the level of diversity of anura species in the Telaga Warna nature conservation is classified as "moderate".
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