International Journal of Zoology Studies

ISSN: 2455-7269

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2018)

Habitat preference of endangered frog Fejervarya greenii (Amphibia: Dicroglossidae) in tropical montane cloud forests of Sri Lanka

Author(s): MC Prabhath, EGDP Jayasekara, WAD Mahaulpatha
Abstract: The present study was conducted in tropical montane cloud forests of Horton Plains National Park in Sri Lanka, from January 2016 to December 2016, focusing on Fejervarya greenii which is an endemic, endangered and a rare species, in order to study its habitat preference in and around lentic and lotic water bodies with the purpose of providing information to support its conservation and management. The sampling process was taken place in randomly placed plots in and around five lentic water bodies and five lotic water bodies for three consecutive days per month throughout the year. Carrying out F. greenii census and obtaining information for habitat variables in both macro and micro level were based on these pots. For the determination of preferable microhabitats of F. greenii twenty 1m2 quadrats were placed in occupied plots. The correlation between microhabitat variables and presence of F. greenii was analysed. Presence of F. greenii was recorded only in the area of 1m to the water and 3m to the terrestrial habitats, which confirms the semiaquatic status of F. greenii and suggests F. greenii as a habitat specialist preferring in and the immediate surroundings of lentic water bodies. Microhabitat variables such as water depth, water temperature, submerged plant cover, decaying plant matter and leaf litter, sand, substrate temperature, relative humidity and substrate relative moisture were identified as the factors determining microhabitat preference of F. greenii.
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