International Journal of Zoology Studies

ISSN: 2455-7269

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2018)

A study of performances of (catla catla) growing promotion in feed ingredients

Author(s): Akhil Abhishek, Dr. Akhilesh Kumar
Abstract: A comprehensive trial was undertaken to assess the effect of various types of feed ingredients on the biomass conversion rate in a 12- week feeding trials to evaluate the use of agro - based products, as locally available feed ingredient materials for fish catla (Catla catla) fingerling growth performances. Aquaculture is one of the quickest developing nourishment division of the world and records for right around half of the world fish creation. Practical creation is influenced primarily by elements, for example, poor water quality management, nutritionally imbalanced supplementary bolster and the sickness rate. To control of these illnesses, unpredictable utilization of antimicrobial drugs in fish cultivating lead to the rise of anti-infection safe microscopic organisms. Probiotics assume an imperative part in growth addition and stress moderation in fish. In the present examinations two sorts of business probiotics (PVS Labs, Andhra Pradesh) were utilized i.e. the outcomes obviously demonstrated that the groupings of ammonia, nitrite and orthophosphates are low in the exploratory ponds contrast and control pond. Facilitate the examinations uncover that growth and survival are gotten higher in probiotic treated ponds than that of control pond. The study suggests that the soybean diet which is more effective, than the mustard oil cake, in the deposition of nutrients in terms of flesh (at early growing stage of life), and led to be significantly higher growth than the other two diets in, Catla catla. Materials and Methods: The hatchery-bred spawn of catla, after acclimatization, were fed with laboratory made egg-custard feed. The healthy fish were separated to conduct feeding experiment. Result & Discussion: In the present study, the experimental feeds were formulations with different protein are based on previous reports. In the study, the experimental feeds F1, F2 and F3 with mustard oil cake, soybean and starch levels were formulated and the differences observed in the performance of the different feeds. Dietary proteins play a dominant role in fish growth. On the basis of average specific growth rate and % live weight gain, an improvement in growth response was noticed with increase in soy protein. Growth parameters of Catla fingerling with different feed clearly showed significant enhancement with Mustard oil cake, potato starch, and rice polish and soybean meal when compared with other concentrations of these four feed ingredients. Conclusion: Results indicate that soybean incorporated feed was much acceptable than alternative plant protein source for the catla (Catla catla) however, the potential for including mustard oil cake protein in the feeds of fish need more evaluation.
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