International Journal of Zoology Studies

ISSN: 2455-7269

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2018)

An appraisal of the dissolved oxygen status of upstream and downstream waters of Ashtamudi estuary

Author(s): Divya S Rajan
Abstract: Water, the most vital source for all kinds of life on this planet, is also the resource, adversely affected both qualitatively and quantitatively by all kinds of human activities on land, in air or in water. Estuaries, like the rest of the world are still not adequately protected from human disturbances. Having recognized the importance of Ashtamudi estuary a comprehensive monitoring and an evaluation of the pollution status of the estuary is inevitable. In the present study it is proposed to make an investigation on the Dissolved oxygen content of upstream and downstream waters of Thekkumbhagam Creek of Ashtamudi Lake. The main motive behind this study is to bring out the variations in the Dissolved oxygen characteristics of the water quality that leads to the ecological degradation of the Thekkumbhagam creek. In the present study, dissolved oxygen of surface water ranged between 0 to 7.68 mg/l and dissolved oxygen of bottom water from 0 to 7.12mg/l. Mean values of dissolved oxygen of surface water reached maximum during the monsoon season while dissolved oxygen of bottom water showed a maximum value during post-monsoon period. The decomposition of organic waste and oxidation of inorganic waste may reduce the dissolved oxygen to extremely low levels which may prove harmful to organisms in the aquatic environment. The deteriorating water quality has significantly affected the local tourism development. Present study focuses on conservation of natural resources and restoration of the water quality of the damaged estuary which is the most important way to sustain the estuary for present and future generations.
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