International Journal of Zoology Studies

ISSN: 2455-7269

Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2018)

Study of average growth performance and condition factor of fish (Indian Major Carps) in the sub pond of the Gawala Talab, Maheshwar, Khargone (M.P.)

Author(s): Rohit Verma
Abstract: Average growth performance of fishes (Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirrhinus mrigala) has been studied in the sub pond of the Gawala Talab, Maheshwar, Khargone (M.P.), and a Semi intensive Carp farming system, during September to November, 2016. Pond management practices (pre-stocking and post stocking managements) were done properly. Highest increase in average length (cm) were noticed for Cirrhinus mrigala (48.80%) and lowest for Catla catla (30.07%).However, the percentage (%) increase in average growth (gm) were recorded highest and lowest for Cirrhinus mrigala and Catla catla as 172.42 % and 94.93 % respectively. The Condition Factor (K) was calculated in the range of 0.931-1.342 for the studied fishes. Results reveal that sub pond of the Gawala Talab is suitable for Carp farming system and aquaculture for Carp fishes can be done on large scale to increase their productivity.
Pages: 342-346  |  1360 Views  900 Downloads
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