International Journal of Zoology Studies

ISSN: 2455-7269

Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2018)

Phytochemical characterization and antioxidant activity of leaf extract of Tridax procumbens L.

Author(s): Gomathi M, Tamilselvi S, Abdul Jaffar Ali H
Abstract: Traditional medicine is an important resource for the development of potentially useful new chemotherapeutic agents. The essential values and uses of some plants have been worked out and published, but many of them remain unexplored to date. In this study, acetone extract of leaves of Tridax procumbens was subjected to Phytochemical Screening, GC-MS study and Antioxidant activity. The results of the phytochemical analysis showed the presence of vital secondary metabolites in acetone extract which play a role in plant disease resistant mechanism. Among the 15 compounds obtained from GCMS study, the major constituents were Dodecane, 2,6,10-trimethly-, alkane compound with a tune of, Hexadecanol, Tridecanol, Fatty acid ester and Triterpenoid. This extract showed massive antioxidant activity. Inhibitory activity was increasing with increasing concentration with maximum 64.95% which indicates the presence of strong antioxidant activity. The range of inhibitory percentage of extract of T. procumbens was between 30 -65 with IC50 value of 200µg.
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