International Journal of Zoology Studies

ISSN: 2455-7269

Vol. 3, Issue 1 (2018)

Effect of ampligo insecticide on caudal regeneration in earthworm, Eisenia fetida

Author(s): Ajit Wakale, Suresh Kulkarni
Abstract: Earthworms are invertebrates and contribute to soil fertility improvement and plant growth. Ampligo insecticide is commonly used by farmers in agriculture in Marathwada region. It is indirectly effects on non-target organism like Earthworm which is very useful for maintain the fertility of soil. In the present study, investigated the effect of Ampligo insecticide on caudal regeneration of earthworms, Eisenia fetida. Its effect on the regeneration of the earthworm, Eisenia fetida was studied in the laboratory. The worms were collected from the vermiculture tank and acclimated to the laboratory conditions for a period of three days. All worms were adult and fully clitellate. The amputated worms were exposed to 30 days sublethal concentrations of Ampligo insecticide 0.003, 0.004, 0.005, 0.006 and 0.007 ppm and observed their regenerating efficiency was in percentage these are 53.33%, 50.00%, 46.15%, 38.46% and 33.33% respectively. One group of controlled worms it shows 72.22% regenerating efficiency. Experiment was conducted for 30 days.
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