International Journal of Zoology Studies

ISSN: 2455-7269

Vol. 1, Issue 7 (2016)

Observation on life cycle and nesting behavior of dung beetle Onthophagus Catta (Fabricius)

Author(s): AR Gaikwad, GP Bhawane
Abstract: The adults of dung beetle Onthophagus catta (Fabricius) are powerfully attracted to the fresh cattle dung. These dung beetles are well distributed in South-Western Maharashtra. The life cycle and nesting behavior of this beetle are studied under laboratory conditions. The beetle construct simple nest composed of single unbranched galleries. At the bottom end of each there may be one or two brood balls are lodged. The depth of brood balls constructed ranges from 6 to 22 cm. The length of brood ball ranges from 22 to 34 mm with average of 27.7 mm. The diameter of brood ball ranges between 13-18 mm. It is observed that single pair of this dung beetle has constructed 10 to 35 brood balls in laboratory condition. The female dung beetle deposits single egg in egg chamber of brood ball. The size of egg averaged 2.36 mm in length and 1.39 mm in diameter. Embryological developmental period averaged of 2.38 day. The larval developmental period of three instar stage averaged 31.34 days. While the average pupal stage is of 13.46 days at laboratory temperature condition ranging from 22 OC to 26OC. The adult longevity ranges between 42 to 85 days.
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