International Journal of Zoology Studies
International Journal of Zoology Studies
Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2016)

Haemato-biochemical variations induced by the aerial detergent in Labeo Rohita during the exposure and recovery period

Kalaiselvan K, Sowmiya D

The present study was observed that toxic effect of Ariel detergent and heanato biochemical variations induced by the detergent in Labeo rohita. The effect was observed during exposure (15 days) and recovery (15days) period. During the exposure period, there was a significant amount of increase in blood glucose and serum cholesterol due to increased glucogenesis and increased lipid content in blood respectively. However, the serum protein level decreased in fish due to inhibition of RNA synthesis or increased proteolytic activity. During recovery period, the restoration of glucose, protein and cholesterol level was found to be slow and gradual.
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